Supercluster Unveils 3 New Projects

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The new Nova Scotia-based oceantech projects are worth almost $10M

Originally posted by Entrevestor on Mar 24, 2021

Canada’s Ocean Supercluster, which is dedicated to modernizing the country’s ocean economy, has announced three new projects based in Nova Scotia with a value of almost $10 million.

The Atlantic Canada-based organization issued three press releases on Wednesday outlining the projects, which involve enhancing data analytics in ports, a nutritious oil made from algae, and an underwater acoustic monitoring system.

The three projects are:

Port Integration and Enhancement of Data Project (PIED)


$3.2 million

OSC Contribution

$1.1 million

Project Lead

Halifax-based BlueNode

Project Partners

Saab Technologies, National Research Council, and the Halifax Port Authority

The project team will develop new software to enhance service to existing and new port customers. It will use artificial intelligence in Bluenode’s suite of applications integrated with Saab Technology’s enterprise software.

The new solution is designed to enhance supply chain data through machine learning and improve the ability of various users to share and analyze data to enhance their business intelligence.

“The future of international trade is as much about data as it is about getting a product from one place to another,” said BlueNode Co-Founder and CEO Louis Beaubien in a statement. “BlueNode plays the crucial role of making trade systems better through better data.”

Fishless Marine Microbial Fish Oil Project.


$3.5 million

OSC Contribution

$2 million

Project Lead

Dartmouth-based Mara Renewables Corp.

Project Partners

Acadia University, Nature’s Way Canada, and Algorithm Ingredients

This project, which will create four full-time jobs, aims to develop an algal nutritional oil that mimics and complements the health benefits of fish oil consumption.

Fish oil has numerous health benefits but fish are a finite resource. So Renewables Corporation and its partners are working to discover new marine sources of fatty acids and develop existing strains from Mara’s marine microbial library.

The group hopes the outcome will be a sustainable, alga-based nutritional oil to complement Mara’s existing omega-3 DHA offering.

“Support from the Ocean Supercluster is crucial to achieve the making of this Fishless Marine Microbial Fish Oil, where the outcome will be an alga-based nutritional oil that would complement Mara’s offering of microalgae oil products,” said Roberto Armenta, Mara’s Chief Scientist and Director of Research and Development.

Autonomous COMPASS (Compact Passive Acoustic Sensing System) Project


$3 million

OSC Contribution

$1.6 million

Project Lead

Collingwood, Ont.-based Sensor Technology

Project Partners

Kraken Robotics and 3D Wave Design

This Nova Scotia-based project will develop technology that will allow untethered autonomous underwater vehicles to collect acoustic data. It is designed to provide more affordable and reliable data than what is now available.

The team will develop new manufacturing facilities, equipment and processes to produce the new compact passive acoustic monitoring system. It believes the new product will have applications for defence, oceanographic research, marine mammal protection activities, and energy exploration.

“We have come together with some great partners for this project – when we are able to put our minds together, the possibilities for innovation are endless,” said Sensor Technology CEO Niru Somayajula. “We are thrilled to be working with Kraken Robotics and 3D Wave Design to develop this highly innovative made-in-Canada Solution."

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