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We are in relentless pursuit to create the most intelligent supply chain data enhancement system in the world. Our commitment is to provide you with only the most valuable data intelligence based on your organizational needs.

Our People

Our team delivers results by thoroughly understanding your data and its impact on organizational KPIs.

Louis Beaubien


Louis is a professionally certified accountant with a PhD focused on accounting information systems. He is the academic lead for the Creative Destruction Lab – Atlantic.

Grant Wells


Grant has over 15 years experience in software development and project management. He served 5 years as Director of a student-focused software innovation lab within Dalhousie University’s Faculty of Computer Science. 

Rickey Pannell


Rickey is a unique blend of technical knowledge and personality. He has a history of managing teams to build data applications in domains including e-commerce, inventory, social media, real estate, and pharmaceuticals.

Deepan Shankar


Deepan has industry experience working with product-based companies as a full-stack developer in building web applications. His interests also include Data Science and Applied Machine Learning. He is also experienced in delivering business insights through creative visualizations and interactive dashboards.

Will Musgrave


Will has industry experience in scientific computing, data analytics, API development and cloud-based DevOps. In his most recent role, he was responsible for developing the cloud architecture, data privacy processes, recommender service and backend services that power JackHabbit’s wellbeing e-tool. Will aspires to build contemporary data systems that are trusted by all stakeholders and designed with the needs of all end users in mind. 

Micaela Melo


Micaela is a software developer with a combination of academic and industry experience in Software Development, Machine Learning, and Visual Analytics. With more than 7 years of academic background in computer science, she embraces learning new things, facing new challenges and remaining curious. Micaela is driven to apply her knowledge in practical ways and delivering high value to her clients while having fun in the process.


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