Port of Halifax Dives Into Data

January 2, 2023 by

A new project aims to leverage advanced AI and maritime enterprise software to enhance supply chain data for shipping at the Port of Halifax.

Originally published by Alsindbad Navigation on Mar 31, 2021

BlueNode, which has developed an AI solution that optimizes maritime shipping, has partnered with Saab, the global port enterprise systems leader, for the Port Integration and Enhancement of Data (PIED) project, which will see BlueNode’s BNData application integrated with Saab’s maritime enterprise software to enhance and improve the data that the Halifax Port Authority generates and uses to operate one of Canada’s largest and busiest ports. 

“There are over 700 million containers shipped around the world every year, and Canada sees an annual combined import and export of one trillion dollars’ worth of goods. The management of these supply chains and the data that governs them is crucially important,” said Louis Beaubien, Co-Founder and CEO of BlueNode.

Shipping data is often inaccurate, noisy and on a massive scale. Information can go missing in the process, such as the location of containers, or its cargo, or the reason why a supply chain broke down. BlueNode has developed machine learning-powered solutions that automate data integration, cleansing, and analysis of shipping data, helping to improve the speed and accuracy of operations at the port—mitigating many issues throughout the supply chain.

“BlueNode’s technology will lead to improved services for our customers, directly leading to the efficient management of cargo,” said Pavel Skournik, the Managing Director of Saab Technologies Ltd. Saab has deployed maritime supply chain enterprise software that powers many of the world’s busiest ports. “We’re looking forward to working with BlueNode to further drive cost and manpower efficiencies across the shipping industry.”

The first customer of the PIED project is the Port of Halifax. “We pride ourselves on being data-driven, capturing data every 15 minutes or less for every aspect of the Port of Halifax,” said Captain Allan Gray, the President and CEO of the Halifax Port Authority. “The PIED project will ensure that we are working with clean and integrated data so that our team can focus on what will drive the most value for our organization.”

“We started BlueNode to help the shipping industry tackle big issues, and we’re thrilled to have kicked off a partnership with global leader Saab, and one of the most innovative ports in North America, the Port of Halifax,” concluded Beaubien.

The PIED project has a total project value of $3.2 million, with close to $1.1 million in funding support coming from Canada’s Ocean Supercluster, the industry-led organization supporting Canada’s ocean economy.

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